As they say, Love is Hard for an Otaku, so there are many otaku dating services out there in Japan. However, it seems that love is especially hard for one fandom out there… Love Live!. The idol anime series has gained the reputation for having the most loyal and dedicated fans, and also the most eccentric. And this has caused much love problems for many Love Livers, according to the otaku dating service, Tora Con.

Tora no Ana’s dating service for anime fans aims to bring couples who love anime, manga, and video games together. However, the dating service says there is prejudice against male Love Livers. Their official Twitter account has said:

“In regards to otaku matchmaking, there is a definite prejudice against male Love Livers, and among our members are women who specifically request not to be introduced to any men who are Love Live! fansMale Love Livers, please turn your frustration towards the pattern of fans who engage in troubling eccentric behavior.

On the other hand, this stigma is not associated with female Love Livers, who on the contrary are often preferred due to being able to enjoy a series primarily aimed at male fans.”

Tora Con screens its customers based on their fandom and personality so they will know who to match with who. And now, several Twitter users have also asked if the same is true for other idol anime like iDOLM@STER. Unfortunately for Love Live fans, Tora Con’s answer is still no, as female members specifically ask not to pair up with Love Livers.

But don’t worry Love Livers, because Tora Con also makes matchmaking events just for you guys. This means that Love Live fans won’t get to meet any of those girls who don’t like the fandom. They previously held one last 2nd June at the Kanda Myoujin shrine, where Nozomi works as a miko in the anime. And that’s not all, because the event seems to have been a success. According to the dating service, 62% of the participants ended up becoming couples.

Fortunately, there are really some girls who love Love Live too, so all’s well, right? Though the same may not apply to the 38% who didn’t find a special somebody during the event. And remember, getting some love for a Love Liver, even among other anime fans, is tougher. But then again, at least they have their waifus, right?!

source: Sora News 24