Pop Team Epic is an unapologetic and self-described “shitty manga”. The series also has a huge following, which increased thanks to getting an anime adaptation. But now, Twitter has suspended the account for Pop Team Epic’s mangaka for unknown reasons.

Of course, because Twitter didn’t reveal why they suspended his account, rumors started popping up as to why they did. Just take note that these are just rumors and speculations regarding why Twitter suspended his account.

Some speculations state that haters just reported his account. Of course, because of Pop Team Epic’s nature, it may have offended some people, which lead them to hate the franchise. Meanwhile, others speculate about the mangaka doing some controversial remarks via Twitter. This includes a flippant June 2017 tweet where he threatened to kill the guy who made convenience store LAWSON’s sporks. While many treated it as a joke, others seem to have taken the remark seriously.

However, the suspension has done little to derail the manga’s momentum. With collaborations happening left and right, as well as the TV anime’s success, it looks like Pop Team Epic is here to stay.

source: Yaraon!