YTV’s headquarters in Osaka has a very peculiar guardian, as Detective Conan himself stands guard in their garden. However, it seems that someone stole that statue, and Conan’s own arch nemesis claimed responsibility.

That’s right folks, Kaito kid left a note confessing of his ill deed to the folks over at YTV. The note says that the statue “let” Kid take it and that the magician is now taking care of it. The note also added that he took the statue so it doesn’t cause any trouble in theatres this sping… hmmmm…

It looks like this may have something to do with either a new Detective Conan film or a 2.5D play. However, Kid didn’t really reveal much, so we would have to wait until next year when spring arrives. I wonder what foul deeds Kid is gonna do with that statue? Well, we can only guess, right fangirls?

Source: YTV official Twitter account