It looks like Fairy Tail ain’t just getting a final TV anime season, but a new smartphone RPG as well. Fuji Games has announced that they’re making a new mobile game based on Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga, and it will be an action RPG. They also revealed that its title is Fairy Tail DiceMagic, and even released a new key visual:

As the new visual shows, the new game will include the Fairy Tail characters we all know and love. It will also introduce new original characters as well, and that includes a girl named Viceru.

They will base the gameplay on the traditional Japanese dice game sugoroku. In the story, Natsu and the gang encounter a mysterious form of magic called “DICE”, which suddenly appears in the land of Ishgar. This new magic takes away the freedom of those who fall under it, and it becomes serious. So serious that the Magic Council mobilised several mage guilds to fight it. Of course, this includes the ever-lovable crew over at Fairy Tail.

Fuji Games will be releasing the app by autumn 2018. Meanwhile, the game’s website is already accepting pre-registrations.

source: MoCa News