Newly-minted Kuala Lumpur ACG event “Nowadays Anime Festival” is being called out online by its exhibitors, for a last-minute change in their rental contract, that made a supposedly refundable deposit of MYR 50 (about SGD 17) suddenly and inexplicably non-refundable. The war of words is being held in comments section of the event’s official Facebook page.

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Based on screenshots put up by some of the exhibitors, the event’s exhibitor contract, official website, and email communications all presented contradicting information. The event organizers made a “clarification” that the correct information was posted on their website, but due to a “technical problem” it was not reflected correctly.

The event organizers offered compensation to the offended parties in the form of an MYR 50 discount to rentals at their next event, which prompted another slew of complaints at the organizer’s lack of responsibility and refusal to own up to their mistake. As one disappointed vendor put it, the “discount” was simply the deposit they refused to give back.

This is the second time in less than a week that a Japanese pop culture event in South East Asia has been the subject of controversy. Last last week, an event in Manila also drew the ire of fans after the organizers seemingly failed to secure their backstage area, leading to alleged theft of valuables for their performers.