Before he was Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki was an orphan kid who played pranks just to get attention, and was shunned because of his… “condition”. He struggled with many jutsu, and was also last in his class, far from Hokage material mind you. Now, imagine that version of Naruto meeting his son, Boruto… yes folks, it’s happening in the Boruto TV anime!

The meeting between Boruto and his father’s younger version won’t be a one-off either, but an entire arc! It will kick off sometime in October. The new arc celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Naruto franchise, and it’s fitting that we go back to the original version of Naruto himself!

In addition, TV Tokyo also revealed that starting 6th October, miwa will perform the yet-to-be-titled OP theme song, and Boruto will be using that OP until March 2020. Meanwhile, Rock band Longman will perform the new ending theme song “Wish On.”

Now, this meeting between young Naruto and Boruto will surely be an interesting one… Believe it!

source: TV Tokyo