On the AkibaStage during C3AFASG 2019, Seiyuu Mariya Ise and Chinese Cosplayer SeeU appeared on stage to share more about the upcoming game titled JOBTRIBES.

During the stage, Mariya Ise went through an on the spot “audition” voicing various character types and SeeU came up cosplaying as Job Lord – “POP Star”.

The stage also announced a new Cosplay Audition to look for the next Jobtribes Official Cosplayer as well as the opening of pre-registration for the game!

Apart from the stage event, DEA, the creator of JOBTRIBE also conducted a simple press conference, on the same day to tell more about how they would like to achieve their goal of using blockchain technology to help turn gaming into a profitable enterprise for its users.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd. (DEA) announced the name of the new platform utilizing blockchain technology. The name of the new platform is  “PlayMining”.

Meaning “mine while playing”, the more users play entertainment content on the platform (such as games), the more tokens they earn. This enables any users to take part in the role of generating tokens just by spending fun times, without relying on the machine power. During the press release, in addition to the introduction of  DEA’s owned IP ” JobTribes”, they announced that Japanese IP holders will be joining in the platform “PlayMining”.

More details can be found out on https://jobtribes.io