K-On! is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a bang. And now, the Marui Department Store’s Shibuya and  Hakata branches are joining in on the celebrations. For the anniversary, these two branches will be selling exclusive K-On! Merchandise, as well as feature a special exhibition.

For the Exhibitions, both department will also feature life-size standees of the members of Houkago Tea Time, a chronological timeline of events from the anime, as well as production materials. Yes folks, some of them actually survived the fire! There will also be a message board and a CD showcase.

As for the merchandise, they will include a special 10th anniversary t-shirt, mugs, key chains, badges, and many many more.

The event kicked off last 27th November, which was Yui Hirasawa’s birthday at the Shibuya Marui. It will stay there until 15th December before heading to the Hakata Marui from 16th December until 6th January.

SourceComic Natalie