There was a countdown at the official website of Gundam: Reconguista in G (G-Reco) recently and on June 23 2014, they have officially unveiled the website! Ladies and gentlemen, may I bring you the key visual of Gundam: Reconguista in G:

G-Reco 1

Here’s the synopsis from the official website:

“The space migrations and space wars became a thing of the past as the Universal Century came to an end and peace reigned.

A new era, Regild Century (R.C.) was ushered into and man’s life prospered along with peace and it continued for a long time, or so it seems.

Regild Century 1014

A giant tower has risen, linking the earth and space together, the orbital elevator Capital Tower. It is the conduit to bringing the Photon Battery to the surface and as such viewed as a sacred place.

During his very first training, Bellri Zenam, trainee of the Capital Guard, a member of an organization protecting the Capital Tower, is attacked by a high performance mobile suit not from any country, the G-Self.  Using the maintenance mobile suit Lecten, he faces the G-Self and manages to seize it.

However, Bellri starts to feel an immediate for the pilot of the G-Self, the space pirate Aida Rayhunton and the G-Self, even though he has never seen it before. Berli somehow manages to pilot the G-Self which would only work if he fulfills specific conditions.

The objective of the space pirate that attacked the Capital Tower Aida, and the fate that  follows the G-Self’s chosen pilot Beruri, will lead them to the shocking truth of the Regild Century.

Thus begins the Reconguista”

The official site has also updated with the names of the characters, their CVs and the mobile suits appearing.

Bellri Zenam CV: Mark Ishii


Cadet from the development school of Capital Guard, a unit tasked to protect Capital Tower. A person with genius level ability who nabbed himself a double promotion. He got taken in at first sight by Aida of the space pirates and ended up fighting against the Capital Army.  He is one of three able to operate the G-Self.

Aida Rayhunton CV: Yuu Shimamura


A girl that participated in the assault of the Capital Tower and part of the pirate detachment. She is one of three able to operate the G-Self. She used the G-Self to seize the Photon Battery but was captured by Bellri. There is something concealing the secret to her background.

Nored Nag CV: Minako Kotobuki


A cheerleader and student of the Saint Flower academy. She goes out of her way to hangs around with Bellri. A helpful person, she takes care the amnesiac Raraiya

Klim Nick CV: Ryouta Osaka

A son of Ameria’s president, a boy adept at piloting a mobile suit who plans on improving further. He takes part in the pirate unit piloting the Montero, and ends up in charge of rescuing Aida.

Luin Li CV: Takuya Sato


A cadet of Capital Guard’s development school. Classmate of Bellri who aims to be top of the class. He normally acts like an adult like and has a helpful personality although his status as a Kuntala weighs upon him.

Raraiya Monday CV: Yukari Fukui


Suddenly appearing on earth riding the G-Self. She has lost her memory,  and is currently in the care of by Captain Dellensen whom gave Raraiya the name Monday after the day he took her under his protection. She is the last of three able to pilot the G-Self

Last of all some of the mobile suits appearing in the show!



A mobile suit not belonging to any country. It requires special conditions to be able to pilot. Without Bellri, Aida and Raraiya, it will not move. It has all sorts of interchangeable backpacks for all kinds of situations and an all purpose suit. When equipped with a backpack, it changes color. Two of these backpacks are known currently:

Space Use Backpack

It was developed by Ameria. It is unkown as to why the G-Self is able to use it.

Atmosphere pack

A backpack used within the atmosphere

Cat Sith


A mobile suit owned by the Capital Army. It is endowed with a pair of wings that can be extended for flying.



A maintenance use mobile suit. It is a multipurpose suit with interchangeable arms.



A mass produced mobile suit used by the space pirates. It is equipped with a weapon called the “Beam Javelin”


A blue mobile suit used by Krim Nick of the pirate unit. It is equipped with a  Beam Javelin.


As of this moment, model kits of the G-Self and the Grimoire has been announced slated for release sometime this year! The HG G-Self will be 1,600 yen while the HG Grimoire will be 1,400 yen.


Last but not least, it is also announced that there will be a special early screening of episodes 1-3 of G-Reco at select theaters from August 23 to September 5! Following that, d-Anime Store will also have a special early access of episodes 1-3 from September 8 to 30th!

And from October onwards, the show will officially start screening.

Well I hope you are excited with the first proper look at Gundam: Reconguista in G! It really feels like it has a somewhat Turn A Gundam feel to it to me, which I really enjoyed. I’ll be in Japan this September so I’ll try to do a short review of the episodes if I’m able to watch them.

But before that, a sneak peek of the 2nd trailer of Gundam: Reconguista in G!

Source: G-Reco official site