A pretty huge month for plastic models this month after that colony drop of a Neo Zeong this past June! We have a variety of series of Gunpla this month as well as some new Majin Bone and Youkai Watch models. There’s also an anniversary One Piece ship and an LBX based off a very famous model in that series, check it out!


12 July 2014

HGBC 1/144 Valuable Pod


The weapons of the Gyan Vulcan are now released as a booster add-on pack!  The shields are newly molded to allow all kinds of gunpla to use it. It can also be equipped with a saber effect parts. Parts are included in the model kit to allow the HGUC Gyan to transform to the Sazaki Susumu’s famous Gyan Vulcan as seen in the final few episodes of Gundam Build Fighters.

HGUC 1/144 Zetaplus (Unicorn Ver)


Making its animated debut in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is the fan-favorite Zetaplus, which is originally from magazine photo-novel Gundam Sentinel! Each part is properly molded to recreate the original proportions. Following the earlier released HGUC Zeta Gundam and HGUC Delta Plus, it comes with replacement parts to display the Zetplus in its Waverider mode!

(Note: The model kit has been recalled in Japan due to a molding error, the new release date is as of current unknown)

HGUC 1/144 Schuzrum Gallus


The makeshift upgraded Gallus mobile suit from Neo Zeon also makes its appearance from Gundam Unicorn! Its wheel shield has been properly molded to allow a good variety of motion. Known for its ability to use a variety of Zeon weapons, the Schuzrum Gallus is equipped with the weapons shown in the anime such as the Chain Mine and its famous Knuckle Shields used against the Nahel Argama.

SD Gundam BB Senshi No 393 Legend BB Full Armor Knight Gundam


Embodying the Three Sacred Treasure, the Knight Gundam takes on its strongest form, the Full Armor Knight Gundam! It comes with its Flame Sword and Power Shield. Each piece of the Three Sacred Treasures are made in special plated molding. It also has interchangeable eye parts and its Sky Wings are articulated for great posing ability.

Majin Bone 06 Wolf Bone


A hero character from the hit kids TV series Majin Bone. He is created with a very wild feel to it similar to how a wolf would be. Made with children in mind, the mould is created with touch gate and runner lock for ease of build, which also allows a variety of posing ability. You can remove the armor and replace with other kits in the Majin Bone line to create your own Majin Bone character! He also comes with add-on effect parts.

Grand Ship Collection Baratie


The 10th ship in the series and the restaurant ship which Sanji grew up on, the Baratie. The ship’s bottom can be removed to display it as if it were sailing on sea. It also has a unique gimmick as seen in the animation.

Grand Ship Collection Thousand Sunny TV Anime 15th Anniversary Ver.


Celebrating One Piece’s 15th Anniversary of its animation debut the Thousand Sunny is remade in special celebratory colors. It comes with a special 15th anniversary marking and colors. It also has a special character plate and display effect parts.


19th July 2014

RG 1/144 MSM-07S Char’s Custom Z’Gok


The 16th RG kit and first amphibious mobile suit is here, Char’s Custom Z’Gok from Mobile Suit Gundam. A mobile suit meant for extreme water resistance, it is made with a streamlined body in mind.  Like the Exia before it, it also has an entirely new inner frame and advanced MS joints.  Many details essential to a submarine was referenced in the process of making this RG kit such as drain pipes, pressure resistant cockpits, sonar systems, propellers, etc. Its famous bladed claws are also replicated to tear through GMs!

Mega Charizard X


From the recently released Pokémon X/Y comes the upgraded Charizard, Mega Charizard X! Its tail can be moved and its mouth can be posed to make it seem that its letting our a powerful roar!

Yveltal and Diancie Set

Xerneas and Diancie Set



These 2 sets comes with the respective legendary Pokémon from X and Y and the upcoming event Pokémon, Diancie, debuting in the latest movie! The Diancie’s pink diamond parts are replicated in clear mold!


26th July 2014

Youkai Watch 5 Koma-san

Youkai Watch 6 Koma Jirou





From the increasingly popular Youkai Watch series comes Koma-san and Koma Jirou! Also implementing the touch gate system, it allows for easy construction and there’s no need for glue. It comes with a variety of arms parts, which can move as well as each Youkai’s original accessories.

HGAW Gundam Airmaster


Using the latest in HG model kit technology, the Gundam Airmaster from Gundam X finally makes its proper HG appearance! It can also change into its fighter mode similar to waverider styled mobile suits. It comes equipped with its Buster Rifle and Shoulder Cannons.

Danball Senki 56 LBX Achilles II


Piloted by the legendary LBX player Ban Yamano, it is the upgraded version of the original Achilles known as the Achilles II! Debuting in the Danball Senki Wars game, it is equipped with the Twin Pile Lance and the Flame Defender. It also has a movable cape on the back.


Seems like there’s a pretty big list of model kits this month! The Z’Gok happens to be my favourite amphibious suit out there, so I’ll definitely want to get my hands on it! I do have a soft spot for Danball Senki and Achilles, so I may be looking to pick up Achilles II as well. Any of you planning to get something this month? Share below!