Gunpla Expo 2014 HeaderFellow Gundam fans, it’s that time of the year again! Yes, you may have guessed it already; it is the Gunpla Expo 2014 Singapore leg! This year’s stage is set at the Level 2 Atrium of the shopping mall Bugis+ from the 10th to 21st of September! Here’s a sneak peek of what to look out for in 1 week time at the Expo!


Gunpla Expo 2014 Highlights

Exhibition of TWO Gundam Series?!

There will be four main features on display this year. For the very first time in all of Mobile Suit Gundam’s 35 years of history, we will have TWO concurrently airing Gundam shows! Gundam: Reconguista in G and Gundam Build Fighters Try!

Gundam: Reconguista in G is legendary Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino’s first Gundam work in over 15 years (Turn A Gundam). Originally created as a light novel in 2010 called Hajimetai Capital G no Monogatari, it is now a full-fledged anime series set to debut in October. Bellri Zenam is a cadet in the Capital Guard who has boarded the Space Elevator when suddenly a pirate force attacks them with a mysterious G machine called the G-Self. The show is set to air on Thursdays with sneak previews already making rounds in Japanese theatres.

The second title is the sequel to last year’s super hit Build Fighters, Gundam Build Fighters Try! Set 7 years after the original, a new form of Gunpla battle has been making waves throughout Japan. The Seiho Academy that Sei Iori once attended failed to catch on to the new trend with the only member in the Gunpla Battle Club being Fumina Hoshino. She meets transfer student Sekai Kamiki, and along with Yuuma Kousaka they form Team Try Fighters! The show is scheduled to air on October 8 in Japan. There will be displays for both series so expect to see the newest Gunpla from both series on display as well as a trailer for both series!

Similar to last year’s RX-78-2 3D Mapping display, there will be a Gundam Build Fighters 3D Mapping Booth at the Gunpla Expo. Expect to see an interesting visual showcase displayed on the Gunpla!

The last exhibition will definitely be one for the more hardcore Gunpla Builders around here. The GBWC 2014 Singapore leg will also be taking place with all the models from both Junior and Open category being displayed for all to see. I’m really excited to see what our local builders have in store this year. We had some great models based off of popular MG kits, I wonder which model would be the winner this year?


Episode 7: Over the Rainbow Movie screening

For those who may have missed out the screening of the final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 7: Over the Rainbow during this year’s Expo, here’s another chance to watch it on the big screen! Details will be made known soon but I assume you will have to buy a certain gunpla or certain amount to redeem tickets to watch it. I really enjoyed Episode 7 very much in the original screening so I may want to go for a second round!

Meet Mr.Katsumi Kawaguchi

The famous master modeler of Bandai Katsumi Kawaguchi, also known as Meijin Kawaguchi, will once again be making his way down to Gunpla Expo this year. Not only will he be here to judge the GBWC entries, he will be in town to share with us some of his Gunpla knowledge so that our models can be A-Meijin too!


The yearly caravan sessions, Gundam Girls and Gundam Cosplay will also be in town once again! Take a picture with the lovely Gundam Girls or pose next to the awesome Gundam cosplayer! I wonder which mobile suit will be the feature this year. Being the 35th Anniversary perhaps we will see an RX-78-2? You can also build your models with model kit instructors at the event or bring along a friend or a young family member along to let them enjoy and experience the fun of Gunpla building!

Limited Edition Models on Sale!

There’s always a new exclusive model for each year’s Gunpla Expo and this year three of them have been unveiled as of now. These would be the RG Destiny Gundam Heine Westernfluss Color version, MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Ver Ka Clear Version and the HG Gundam Astray Gold Frame Mina Custom Coating Clear Version. I am not sure if other exclusive models will be on sale yet but keep a lookout on our page for the updates! All the regular release model kits will also be on sale at the event too so if you’ve been eyeing a certain model kit this year and you’ve yet to make the jump, now is the time to do so!

These are but a few of the things to look out for in 1 week time at Bugis+.

Are you guys excited for Gunpla Expo 2014?! Gunpla Expo 2014! Ready….. GOOOOO!

Source: Club Gunpla Facebook