Making her very first appearance in Singapore, this multi-talented voice actress will be making her way down for Anime Festival Asia 2014 later this December. Having performed in multitudes of anime and famous for her roles such as Sayaka Miki in Puella Magi Madoka Magica or the Honoka Sisters in Knights of Sidonia, this is singer/seiyuu Eri Kitamura!

Who is Eri Kitamura?

A voice actress who first shot to fame with her role as Saya Otonashi in the 2005 anime series Blood+, she is also a singer who made her singing debut in the shoujo anime Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. She has a very broad vocal range and many tones to her voice, something quite unbelievable at times. Normally casted in tsundere or kuudere roles, she also has a pretty awesome ojou-sama voice as well.  As a singer, she originally had a more pop-rock style, but has since progressed to singing metal, a genre she really enjoys.  She has also provided her voice for Vocaloid and draws manga during her free time too! She is affectionately called KitaEri by her fans.

Famous Songs?

My first exposure to her songs was from the opening of the anime Mayo Chiki! called Be Starters! It’s a pop song about a person’s feelings for the loved one. In the anime, she voices Kanade Suzutsuki who enjoys pestering the main character Kinjiro Sakamachi and her butler Subaru Konoe who has affections for Kinjiro. This show was a guilty pleasure for me but I really enjoyed it and the song nonetheless!

This next song is from an anime that aired around the summer called Sunday Without God. KitaEri voices Dee Ensy Stratmitos in the show, a ghost who travels with Alice Color, who is on a quest to save the world.  This is the opening theme titled “Birth”. I really like its fast pace and it really fits the opening animation as well. I hope she would sing this live!

Lastly, this is the ED song for Knights of Sidonia titled Tenohira -show-. Not only did she voice the multiple Honoka sisters in Sidonia, she also performed the ED too! I really like this song in particular as her voice complements the complex riffs and fantastic drums in the background, and I really like the way she dresses in the PV as well.

Why should I go see KitaEri live?

We know that she has a great and talented voice for both voices acting and singing. What I feel is her charm is her genre of choice. Many female idols in this industry would tend to sing cute pop songs, but not many would attempt to sing Metal. KitaEri is one of those singers who not only enjoys listening to said genre but sings it as well. Her style of anisong metal is something that must be heard on stage. She describes herself as a “heel” (dark-sided) in this business who really wants to push forward this genre in the industry. I have a thing for metal songs as well so it really gravitates me to her unique song style.

I hope you are excited to hear KitaEri live for the first time in Singapore this December! She will also be voicing a character in the upcoming Sunrise mecha anime Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons alongside an all-star female cast such as Nana Mizuki, Yukari Tamura and Yui Horie who will also be making her way down to AFA 14.

Catch Eri Kitamura live at Friday’s I Love Anisong concert at Anime Festival Asia 2014 which runs from 05-07 Dec 2014! She will be performing along with Angela, DJ Kazu and Yui Horie on Friday’s I Love Anisong taking place on 05 Dec 2014. Tickets for the I Love Anisong concert series will be going on sale on the 01 Oct 2014.

Ticketing details can be found on the Anime Festival Asia 2014 website HERE.

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