Kazusa Yoneda’s 4-panel comedy manga, Danchigai, is getting an anime adaptation, and it will be making its premiere this July 2015! And with July fast approaching, its official website has finally been launched and it features the anime’s key visual image


The website also announced the anime’s main cast, which will be lead by Satomi Akesaka (Akame Ga Kill!’s Esdeath) who will be voicing Mutsuki Nakano. Her sister, Yayoi Nakano, will be voiced by Mikako Komatsu (Nisekoi’s Seishirou Tsugumi). Sora Tokui (Love Live!’s Nico Yazawa) will voice Uzuki Nakano while newcomer Sayaka Horino (I can’t understand what my husband is saying’s Mayutama) will be voicing Satsuki Nakano. Satsuki and Uzuki are twins. Finally, the only boy in the five siblings, Haruki Nakano, will be voiced by Atsushi Abe (To Aru’s Touma Kamijou).

The anime’s staff has also been revealed and Hamatora director Hiroshi Kimura will be at the helm of this new project with Hamatora character designer, Eriko Itou, designing the characters. The anime will be produced by Dream Creation.


This slice of life comedy anime follows the daily lives of five siblings, four sisters and one brother, who all live together in a multi-unit apartment. More announcements will be made in days to come. It is based on Kazusa Yoneda’s 4-panel comedy manga which now has two compiled volumes already released.