Japanese streaming giant Niconico has recently announced that it will be streaming a marathon of classic 90s shoujo anime MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH (魔法騎士マジックナイトレイアース, Mahou Senshi MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH).

Image by kodansha.co.jp

The marathon will run over the course of four days, starting on the 9th of March with Episodes 1-10, the 10th of March with Episodes 11-20, the 11th of March with Episodes 21-34, and finally on 12th March with Episodes 35-49.


MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH features three junior high schoolgirls who find themselves magically transported from modern-day Japan to a fantasy world where they must work together to rescue a kidnapped princess.

MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH was originally a shoujo manga series by the four-woman team Clamp — which consists of Satsuki Igarashi, Ageha Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi and Mokona Apapa. The series spawned two anime series in 1994, an original video animation in 1997, and six different video games released only in Japan.