Good news Science Adventure Game fans because Kurisutina Makise Kurisu, Rintarou Okabe, Mayuri Shiina, and the rest of the Future Gadget Laboratory gang are returning to what has been described as a “true sequel” to the Steins; Gate, which is titled Steins; Gate 0


Announced during the New Works Unveiling in TwitCast live streaming event by MAGES. head Chiyomaru Shikura, Steins; Gate 0 is a real sequel to the original Science Adventure game, and is therefore not your ordinary epilogue fandisk. Shikura himself will be in-charge of the game, and will be the one to provide its original concept. Just like the original game, the character designs will be made by Huke.


Shikura also announced that the Steins; Gate novel trilogy and several unnamed Steins; Gate drama CD’s will be included in the game’s scenario. No platform and release date for the the visual novel has been announced so far, and no other new details on the anime have also been given.

Steins; Gate is the second of 5pb.’s popular Science Adventure Game series and is set in Akihabara. It follows the Future Gadget Laboratory led by Rintarou Okabe (CV: Mamoru Miyano) who suddenly (and unwittingly) discover time travel by customizing their microwave oven. Because of this, he and the other members of the lab are faced with danger, most notably from an organization known as SERN.

Source: Dengeki Online