Yuru Yuri, the fluffy light hearted anime with “yuri” hints, has just had its 3rd season greenlit. So are you ready for more Akarin~? Because Yuru Yuri will be coming back soon!

At the recent P’sLIVE in Japan, it was announced live on screen that the 3rd season has been confirmed. This news surprised both the fans and the seiyuu of the anime’s main characters. Minami Tsuda, Rumi Ookubo, Shiori Mikami and Yuka Ootsubo who voice the main 4 characters were present on stage and judging from their reactions, they were not expecting a 3rd season. As they gave their thanks to the fans and staff, they were all overcome with emotions and it was a tearful yet joyful moment for everyone. With Yuru Yuri being many of their first big role, it definitely has a special place in their hearts.

Even the seiyuu are getting in on the “yuri” action

The mangaka of the original content, namori sensei, also celebrated the piece of news on his official twitter with this image.


Are you excited for the next season and what new antics will the girls be up to?