Yoshiyuki Tomino is not a fan of today’s seiyuu industry. He once famously criticized them as all “sounding the same”. Now the anime legend and Gundam creator known to many fans as “Kill’em All Tomino”, will finally get a taste of what it is like to step into the recording studio, as he makes his seiyuu debut at age 73.


Tomino, who took a few retakes in his debut work, will be voicing a character named Tsubasa Iogi (井荻翼) who appears in the final episode of his latest Gundam series, Gundam Reconguista in G, also known as G-Reco.

The 26th and final episode will premiere on 26 March 2015. Tomino explained that he wanted to convey his feelings into the “final battle” where soldiers do not need to “live to die in a battlefield” anymore, and that there would be no more “hatred towards one another” anymore. He also shared that he wanted to convey the horrors of war into the next generation.


Yoshiyuki Tomino is a well-known anime director, and he is most famous for creating the Gundam franchise as well as directing some of them like Zeta, ZZ, Turn A, Victory, Char’s Counterattack, F-91, and of course, the original 1979 anime. He also co-wrote the Gundam Crossbone manga as well as directed other anime classics like Space Runaway Ideon. The director is known for his fiery words as he criticized a whole lot of people from today’s seiyuus to the Japanese government, heck, he even criticized his very own work, Mobile Suit Gundam Victory

So what do you think of Tomino getting his seiyuu debut?

Source: Dengeki Online