The Yoruzuya are back with even more wacky antics for a brand new Gintama anime series which will premiere this 8 April 2015 over at TV Tokyo. And because Gintama is clearly one of the most anticipated new anime returning this Spring anime season, two new promotional videos have been released.

The first video is a short PV which also previews the anime’s OP song, Day X Day by Blue Encount. It was also aired in Japan as a TV ad last weekend.

The second video meanwhile is a longer version of the TV ad and features not only the new OP song, but also some new scenes from the upcoming anime. It also makes fun of the fact that its “FINAL” movie ain’t so final after all!

Yeah, as expected, the wacky gang have shamelessly returned! So when they say that they are going to make (another) “final” movie which will “conclude” the series, I guess it would be very understandable not to trust them, they are the Yoruzuya after all…

screen cap 1

Tomukazu Sugita (Gintoki), Rie Kugimiya (Kagura), and Daisuke Sakaguchi (Shinpachi) are set to return as the lovable trio known as Toruzuya with Chizuru Miyawaki becoming as the new anime’s director. She also served as an episode director for the previous series.

Source: 0takomu