Several anime series have their own official stores such as Evangelion, PreCure, and Pokemon. For a limited time starting April, Love Live! will be one of them, as an official Love Live! School Idol Project shop will be opening in one of Japan’s most famous fashion districts, Harujuku.


Called the Love Live! Collaboration SHOP, this new store will open from 24 April 2015 till 5 July 2015. The shop will be located near the JR Harajuku station, so it will be a bit easier to find and for fans to access.


However, Love Livers can get their hands on some very nice official merchandise, even before this store opens on the 24th as a kuji game or a lottery game will be held near the entrance of the Love Live! Collaboration SHOP on 10 April 2015, a couple of weeks before the store’s official opening.

An official twitter page had been planned for the shop, so that fans can get future announcements from the twitter page along with the store’s official website.