The official Kuroko no Basuke website have revealed the starting members of the Rakuzan High Basketball Team.

The Rakuzan High basketball team is led by their team captain and former leader of Teikou’s Kiseki no Sedai (Generation of Miracle), Seijuurou Akashi, voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya (Levi Ackerman in Shingeki no Kyojin).  He holds the position of point guard, who calls play and directs offense on the team.

Hiroshi Kamiya as Seijuurou Akashi
Hiroshi Kamiya as Seijuurou Akashi(PG)

Taking care of the team’s defense and rebound is Rakuzan High’s Power Forward, Chihiro Mayuzumi, voiced by Ryota Ohsaka (Yuuma Isogai in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu )

Ryota Ohsaka as Chihiro Mayuzumi(PF)

The  center position, and responsible for blocking shots and taking score in the inner basket, is taken by Eikichi Nebuya. He will be voiced by Takahiro Fujiwara (Hideyuki in Majestic Prince ).

Takahiro Fujiwara as Eikichi Nebuya
Takahiro Fujiwara as Eikichi Nebuya(C)


Shooting guard Reo Mibuchi, responsible for making shots  in the outer basket, will be voiced by Wataru Hatano (Gajeel Redfox in Fairy Tail).


Watano Hataru as Reo Mibuchi
Watano Hataru as Reo Mibuchi (SG)

Taking the scores and providing defense in the team is Rakuzan High’s Small Forward Kotaro Hayama, voiced by Toshiki Masuda (Masayoshi Hazama in Samurai Flamenco) . Together they form the starting lineup for Rakuzan High Basketball Team.

Toshiki Masuda as Kotaro Hayama
Toshiki Masuda as Kotaro Hayama(SF)

The second half of the third season, which will begin soon, will cover the final match at the Winter Cup. GRANRODEO will perform the next opening theme song,”Memories”, while OLDCODEX will perform the next ending theme song, “Lantana”.

Kuroko no Basuke is a manga written by Tadatoshi Fujimaki and was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump from 2008 December to 2014 September. The anime is now on its 3d run and is a two-cour series. The current season premiered last 10 Jan 2015.

Source: Natalie