Shirobako is now in the books and has undoubtedly become one of last seasons very best anime, however, just like many of the very best anime out there, many of its fans still want more, and the series just released something very special.

Warner Brothers Anime’s youtube page has started streaming Shirobako’s “True Ending”, which is actually a special edition of the anime’s ED credits from the final episode.

The video contains several live-action moments from the production of the anime about making an anime which not only involves the seiyuus but also the staff who made Shirobako possible. After all, it’s the (often overworked) staff whose hard work was shown in the anime who are the true stars of Shirobako, right?

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The video then ends with how the anime ended, with the Musashi Animation staff in a group photo, but then, the video deviates a bit by showing the actual Shirobako staff in their own group photo

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source: Hachimakikou