The ecchi monster girl anime, Monster Musume, is one of this year’s most highly anticipated anime, and its key staff and cast members have been unveiled.


The first monster girl is a lamia (a female Greek snake monster which eats children) named Miia. She will be voiced by none other than Sora Amamiya, best known to fans as the voice behind Aldnoah.Zero’s Princess Asseylum, Akame Ga Kill!’s Akame, and One Week Friends’ Kaori Fujimiya.


Also joining the monster girls fest is a scrappy little harpy named Papi, and she will be voiced by Ari Ozawa, best known for voicing Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun’s Chiyu Sakura and Rolling Girls’ Nozomi Moritomo. Unlike most harpies seen in other media, Papi seems a whole lot friendlier.

Finally, the lovable tsundere centaur, Centorea, will be voiced by Natsuki Aikawa, who previously voiced Petra Ral in Attack on Titan. Centorea comes from a noble warrior culture and has a no-nonsense attitude, which often clashes with Miia and Papi’s easy-going natures.

Yatterman Night director, Tatsuya Yoshihara, will be directing this upcoming anime, which will be produced both by Lerche and Seva. He will once again be working with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, who will be doing the series composition. Fudeyaso previously wrote the screenplay for Yatterman Night.The character designs, meanwhile are done by Tatsuya Sunagawa, while both Tatsuya Sunagawa and Shunji Akasaka will be the animation directors. The anime is scheduled to premiere this July 2015.

source: 0takomu