It’s one of the [email protected] franchise’s most well-known running gags, where the producer (whether he is from Puchimas or Cinderella Girls) would normally get in trouble with the police for simply being suspicious.


Heck, the good’ol P-head from Puchimas! Petit [email protected] even gets himself (wrongly) arrested on a regular basis and makes the Cinderella Girls producer seem innocent in comparison.


However, that running joke seems to have happened in real life as a man cosplaying as the P-headed Producer was seen being questioned by some local police officers in Chiba prefecture. The image was taken by @ AkimasaJAM and uploaded via twitter.


The image above shows the “Producer” with two police officers who seem to think he is a bit too suspicious. Here is another image tweeted by @ NAGISA77777


Being an [email protected] producer must be a real pain huh? Well, hopefully, P-san really didn’t get into trouble and was just on his way to a cosplay event and was able to smooth things out with the cops.

source: Yaraon!