Girl Friend BETA is currently one of the most popular smartphone games in Japan, which even inspired an anime adaptation last year. An exciting announcement was made in this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu Magazine, revealing that the game with an all-star voice cast (apart from Kantai Collection) will be getting a new game coming to PS Vita consoles.


Titled Girl Friend BETA: Summer Vacation Spent with You, this new PS Vita game is described as a “love adventure game” which lets players try to date one of eight different characters, in other words, it’s basically a dating sim for the PS Vita.


According to Famitsu, the game is scheduled for release this summer, and will have both a standard edition and a limited edition version. More announcements will be made in the days ahead. Meanwhile, here’s a collection of the original smartphone game’s various TV ads:

source: Hachimakikou