Mamare Touno, the man behind hit light novel series, Log Horizon and Maoyu: Maou Yuusha, is in hot water with the Japanese government as of late as he has been charged by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau with tax evasion.


The author, whose real name is Daisuke Umezu, best known for incorporating various economic theories in his works, and his company, m2lade JAM (Marmalade Jam), are currently in suspicion of violating Japan’s Corporate Tax Law and a case has already been filed against them with the Tokyo Public Prosecutors’ Office.

According to reports, Touno did not pay the full amount of taxes he was supposed to pay, and neither did he report all of his earnings to the local tax office. He reportedly withheld information that he earned over 120 million yen in royalties from his books and contracts with major publishers by March 2014, making him pay approximately 30 million yen less than what he’s supposed to pay.

In a recent report by NHK news, Mamare Touno has said that he and his company have already payed the taxes due but refused to comment further.

Two of Touno’s works, Log Horizon and Maoyu: Maou Yuusha, have received very popular anime adaptations and has earned him plenty of fans. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon.

source: Asahi Shimbun