Anime fans all have their waifus, and it can be more than just one – depending on whether it is their overall favorite to their season favorite, or their series-specific waifu. The Japanese media website, MyNavi Woman, has recently focused on one of these series-specific anime waifus as they polled male fans as to which Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon is the one they wanted to marry the most.

The question is directed only towards men, and only has the five Inner Senshi (Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus) as the choices. Here are the results:

5/ 4 (tie): Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus (5.4% of the votes each)


One voter said that he voted for Sailor Mars because he thinks she will stand by him while a voter for Sailor Venus said that he voted for her because he likes her appearance.

3: Sailor Jupiter (8.6% of the votes)


One voter who chose Sailor Jupiter said that he wants to marry her because she’s a good cook, while another voter mentioned that she is very likely to be good at housework.

2: Sailor Mercury (20.9% of the votes)


The #2 spot went to Ami, who was chosen by one fan because he finds her very lady-like while another one voted for her because she is smart and friendly.

1: Sailor Moon (23.8% of the votes)


The top spot in MyNavi Woman’s Sailor Moon ranking goes to none other than the titular character herself, Usagi Tsukino, or more popularly known as Sailor Moon. One fan who voted for her likes her clumsy exterior and heroic interior while another voter said that he will never have a dull moment with her.

So, who is your favorite Sailor Senshi?

source: Niconico Video