Gen Urobuchi (Madoka Magica, Psycho-Pass and Aldnoah.Zero), Type-Moon’s Kinoku Nasu (Fate/ Stay Night, Kara no Kyoukai, and Tsukihime), Ryohgo Narita (Durarara!! and Baccano light novel author), Simadoriru (renowned Touhou doujin mangaka and illustrator), and Izuki Kougyoku (Mimizuku to Yoru no Ou and Dokuhakihime to Hoshi no Ishi light novel author) are five of the most well-known personalities in the Japanese anime industry. These five influential personalities in the anime industry will be coming together for a brand new multi-media series called Chaos Dragon, which is based on the Red Dragon table-top RPG series. Here is the new key visual for Chaos Dragon:

chaos dragon1

All five of these industry heavyweights have created one character each, and have played these characters through six nights of table-top gaming sessions which are created by Rental Magica’s Makoto Sanda. These five characters will be the main characters for the upcoming July 2015 anime, and they are:

Ibuki, created by Simadoriru and voiced by Marina Inoue (Haganai’s Yozora Mikaduki and Attack on Titan’s Armin Arlert). He is a descendant of Nil Ibuki’s royal family


Eiha, created by Izuki Kougyoku and voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro (Monogatari’s Kanbaru Suruga and Durarara!’s Celty Sturluson). She is Ibuki’s guardian and has been fused with a demon.


Soirot Clasbari, created by Kinoko Nasu and voiced by Souma Saitou (Akame Ga Kill!’s Tatsumi). He is a Donatian Black Dragon Knight.


Ro Chenfa, created by Gen Urobuchi and voiced by Maaya Uchida (Chuunibyou’s Rikka Takanashi and iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls’ Ranko Kanzaki). She is a mysterious assassin working for Kouran


Kagraba, created by Ryohgo Narita and voiced by Unshou Ishizuka (Cowboy Bebop’s Jet Black and Space Dandy’s Dr. Gel). He is a mysterious trader from Haiga who is also immortal.


During Machi Asobi, the upcoming anime’s new PV has been revealed and it previews the story behind Chaos Dragon.

According to the video, the small country of Nil Kamui has been attacked by the country known as Kouran, and their supposed ally, Donatia, did not even give them aid. The video announced that the story will be set on the year 3015 when the country of Nil Kamui is no more and the two counties, Kouran and Donatia, have become super powers which are engaged in a cold war of sorts.

Silverlink./Conmect will be animating this massive project with Meganebu! animation director, Masato Matsune at the helm of this project as the director. Ukyou Kodachi (Boruto: Naruto the Movie) will be in-charge of the screenplay. Kodachi is also the co-creator of the Red Dragon game which this anime is based on, along with Sanda, who we mentioned earlier, and Kiyomune Miwa, who has worked on Fate/ Stay Night and Valvrave the Liberator.

The actual table-top RPG game which the anime is based on will also be released along with an upcoming smartphone game.

source: Chaos Dragon official website