「SUZAKINISHI」, a radio program from 「Bunka Housou Chou A&G +」, receives its own Anime that will be broadcasted this coming July. The radio personalities, Aya Suzaki and  Nishi Asuka will be voicing the main characters in the show. This was announced during the event last week, 「Zaki Nishi Haru no Buta Matsuri, Maji De Zetchou 5-Byou Mae」and it brought the fans with great surprise that they are receiving an Anime. Many were discussing what kind of content would the Anime be showing, would it be similar to the jokes they make on the radio show?

Aya Suzaki has voiced characters like Kaede Kayano from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu and the Akatsuki-Class Destroyers from Kantai Collection, Asuka Nishi has voiced characters like Shinobu Oomiya from Kiniro Mosaic and Yua Suzuki from Tesagure! Bukatsumono.

Anime Information:
Broadcast Details: In July 2015, On Tokyo MX, TV Kanazawa, Sun TV
Original Work: 「Bunka Housou Chou A&G +」, 「SUZAKINISHI」
Directed By: Yoshihiro Hiramine
Character Design: Chief Animation Director: Shimizu Yumi
Theme Song: SUZAKINISHI (Aya Suzaki and Asuka Nishi)
Animation Studio: feel.
Character: Aya Suzaki as Aya Suzaki, Asuka Nishi as Asuka Nishi

Bunka Housou Chou A&G +」is an Anime, Games and Seiyuu based internet radio which is part of the Japanese radio station 「Bunka Housou」.

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