Corpse Party is one of Japan’s most popular horror games, and it is being adapted into a live-action movie featuring NOGIZAKA46 idol, Rina Ikoma. 5pb. games started streaming the latest movie trailer, and it looks very good.

The new poster for the movie was also unveiled, featuring the main cast of Rina Ikoma, who is playing the role of third year student, Naomi Nakashima. Ryosuke Ikeoka, who plays the role of Satoshi Mochida, and model and self-professed horror fan, Nozomi Maeda who plays Ayumi Shinozaki are also part of the poster


New screenshots from the movie are also revealed and things have gotten a whole lot bloodier as compared to when the live-action Corpse Party movie’s on-location photos were revealed.

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At the helm of this project is horror veteran, Masafumi Yamada, who is responsible for directing various J-horror works like the Hontouni Atta Kowai Hanashi series and Tsuburo no Kara.

source: Movie Natalie