Microsoft Japan is definitely no stranger to having moe characters represent the OS for Windows. As Microsoft is preparing for the release of their latest Windows 10 OS, they have launched a new moe mascot who fans have a chance to name.

This moe 2D character will be voiced by none other than Ai Nonaka, best known for voicing Madoka Magica’s Kyouko Sakura and Gourmet Girl Grafitti (Koufuku Grafitti)’s Akira Machiko.

windows 10

Because she still does not have a name yet, Windows Japan will also be launching a naming campaign for her which begins this 19 July. Those who named her will be able to win prizes, including items autographed by Ai Nonaka herself.

The character of this new OS mascot is that she is very knowledgeable about technology and likes helping people. Her hobbies include online games and she even has a part-time job in Akihabara! According to her profile, she is also born 100 years into the future. She will join her sisters, Madobe Nanami of Windows 7 (CV: Nana Mizuki), Madobe Yu and Madobe Ai of Windows 8 (CV: Asuka Nishi and Nao Tamura, respectively), and Windows Azure Cloud Services (CV: Eri Kitamura).

source: PC Watch