Tokyo Ghoul is getting itself a prequel OVA based on the spin-off manga “Tokyo Ghoul Jack” by creator Sui Ishida. During the Tokyo Ghoul anime event called the “Tokyo Ghoul √A Ghoul Carnival” held at the RISURU Hall in Tokyo, the staff unveiled a new PV for the OVA, and announced that it will be released this autumn 2015.

Tokyo Ghoul Jack will be set 12 years before the events of the first season, and will follow Kisho Arima, an honor student by day, ghoul investigator by night. Together with Taishi Fura, a boy seeking the mysterious ghoul known as Lantern, the pair will try to investigate what has happened to Taishi’s friend.

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More announcements about the OVA, such as its exact release date and cast, will be made in the days to come.