Gundam Docks in Singapore is a huge success, and it really wowed the country and was a fitting celebration to go with Singapore’s 50th Anniversary as well as the Gundam franchise’s 35th anniversary. As the event is still ongoing over at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, the official youtube channel for Gundam,, has streamed three new videos to promote and commemorate the event


The first videos feature the time lapse construction of both the 1/3 scale RX-78-2 Gundam and 1/3 scale Char’s Zaku II, but the first video takes a look at some of the GunPla displays, including the Singapore Gundam.

The second video meanwhile features not only the construction of both the 1/3 Gundam and the 1/3 Zaku II, but also what the display at Ngee Ann City looks like at night.

Finally, the third video features the opening ceremony with Gundam mecha designer, Kunio Okawara, as well as some of the events of the opening day.

So for those who still haven’t stopped by Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, now is your chance because they will be there only until this Sunday, 28 June, so better hurry. And if you’ve been there before, why not drop by again to see them before they go?