With much excitement building for the 2-part live-action movie adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s worldwide bestselling manga, Attack on Titan, a new trailer for the movie has finally been streamed and it finally features the movie’s version of the 3D Maneuver Gears in action!

While we are seeing the 3D Maneuver Gears for the first time in live-action with the new trailer, it has also been announced that the Japanese screenings will involve some 4D as well. Both live-action Attack on Titan movies will be shown in IMAX Theaters as well as D-Box theaters, which feature seats that will move according to the movie’s action sequences. The movie will also be shown in two types of 4D sensory theaters, the MX4D and the 4DX. These sensory theaters feature smell and wind which can really immerse you in the experience of a titan attack

And as the first movie’s 1 August Japanese premiere approaches, a new movie poster has also been revealed

new poster

The second movie, Attack on Titan: End of the World, will be making its Japanese premiere this 19 September, while the first movie itself will be shown in Singapore courtesy of  Encore Films, and it will premiere this 13 August. More information about the Singapore screenings here

source: Comic Natalie