For a limited time, the Nagoya Parco in Nagoya, Japan, will be opening a special Yowamushi Pedal Cafe to celebrate and promote the release of the upcoming Yowamushi Pedal Movie. The movie is set to premier on 28 August in theaters across Japan


The Sakamichi Onoda Cheese Pizza features the face of Yowamushi Pedal’s main character and is sold for 1,280 yen.


The Akira Midousuji Creepy Curry, meanwhile is a black curry rice served with ham (Midousuji’s tongue) and is sold for 1,280 yen.


The T-2 Combo meanwhile makes up of the second year duo of Aoyagi (tuna and mayo rice) and Teshima (udon noodles with seaweed). The combo sells for 1,180 yen.


The Makishima and Toudo’s Last Climb Burger meanwhile is inspired by the rivalry between the Sohoku and Hakone climbers and is being sold for 1,480 yen.


The Yowamushi Pedal Cafe dessert menu, meanwhile features the Sakamichi and Manami pancake platter which sells for 1,380 yen.


The Yasutomo Arakita dessert pizza meanwhile features Arakita with chocolate hair and sells for 1,380 yen.


The Makishima Parfait meanwhile comes with cotton candy inspired by Makishima’s hair, along with a free Makishima balloon. The parfait sells for 1,280 yen.


The Yowamushi Pedal S’mores Crepe meanwhile is served with marshmallows featuring some team jerseys and a chocolate sauce pen.


Finally, the drink menu comes with YowaPe coasters and keychains and cost 1,280 yen each.


Blue jelly soda with Onoda and Manami key chain


Blue jelly soda, mango, banana and blue Curacao smoothie with Toudou and Makishima key chain

“Bepsi” float with Arakita and Fukutomi key chain


assorted sodas (Manga, Grape, and Violet flavors)


Those who spend over 5,000 yen worth of YowaPeda menu items will also get this free sticker


The Yowamushi Pedal Cafe will open at the Nagoya Parco’s West Hall, on the 8th Floor. It will open on 2 July 2015 and will only be open until 15 September. It will also feature a photo booth and a merchandise area which will sell various YowaPeda merchandise like cookies, tea, and Gachapons.

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Source: Parco Art