The original Kantai Collection PC browser game underwent a new update last 12 June, and this update added a few more thing into the game. The most significant one being that the Furutaka-class heavy cruiser, Kako, has finally gotten herself a Kai Ni


Kako Kai Ni will be armed with two 20.3cm (No.2) twin gun mount canons, a 25mm autocannon anti-air mount, and a searchlight as historically, Kako has been involved in many night battles during World War II… though she’s not as into it as a certain “Night Battle Idiot” ninja named Sendai. Admirals can give her her Kai Ni remodel at level 65 with no blueprint required.

CA_Kako_Kai_Ni_417_Full CA_Kako_Kai_Ni_417_Full_Damaged

Another significant addition made by the 12 June update is a new map, which is an extra operation for World 4. World 4-5 can be unlocked by clearing World 4-4, and when cleared, admirals can receive one oh-so-important medal as well as 180 ranking points. Type-3 shells are recommended in this map as the map boss, the Harbour Princess, is a Land Base-type boss.

04_05 613

The update also increased the luck for Isuzu Kai Ni, Kinugasa Kai Ni, and Verniy (Hibiki’s Kai Ni). It also allows two previously un-buildable equipment, the 8cm Twin High-angle Mount and the 15.2cm Twin Gun Mount, into becoming buildable equipment and also adds a few more equipment into Akashi’s improvement arsenal.

Source: KanColle Wikia