Cycling has recently become the sport of choice for many anime fans, and figure makers Good Smile Company (GSC) have set up a unique bike race just for these anime-loving cyclists called the GSR (Good Smile Racing) Cup.


The GSR Cup is unique as it has a rule that states that participants have to wear character-designed outfits be it cosplay or character-inspired cycling jerseys (which GSC is currently selling). These outfits have to be inspired by either anime, mangas, or video games.


Last 25 April, GSC has held the race’s 2nd annual event at the Mobara Twin Circuit, which saw plenty of um… unique cyclists who dressed up in a wide variety of outfits from Yowamushi Pedal’s Team Sohoku jerseys to a guy cosplaying Is it Wrong to Pick-up Girls in a Dungeon’s Hestia. Heck, Ninja Slayer was even racing!

The race also featured several special guest racers, including Good Smile Company president and cycling enthusiast, Aki Takanori, as well as Good Smile Racing and Team Ukyo trainer, Ukyo Katayama. Also participating in the race is seiyuu, Minoru Shiraishi, who is best known for voicing well… Minoru Shiraishi in Lucky Star. All three participated as a team and rode together in a  grueling 3 hour bike marathon. Meanwhile, the emcee for the event was the famous Japanese cyclist, Matsumi Sudo, who won the 6th All-Japan cyclocross championship

Photo150425_003 Photo150425_004

And what’s a race without some race queens, huh? Here are four of Good Smile Racing’s race queens, though one seems to be missing. Unfortunately, GSR’s most famous race queen, Racing Miku, was not part of the program, though some racers did wear racing apparel featuring her


Hey! I see Kantai Collection’s Hatsuharu-class destroyer, Nenohi! Hopefully, she did not torpedo any of the competition…

And then there’s this guy wearing a sailor uniform!


And as mentioned earlier, there’s Hestia!


Domo, Ninja Slayer desu!


The race was finished in over two hours, and those who endured the race were greeted by the GSR race queens, some of whom were wearing a Racing Miku jacket


The cyclusts were given plenty of snacks and also enjoyed a special program. The stage event announced that the cycling manga, LONGRIDERS, would be getting an anime adaptation

Good Smile Racing’s BMW and Mercedes Benz race cars featuring Racing Miku 2014 and 2015 were also on display together with some Racing Miku merchandise

Here are the other images from the race which also includes Frieza! There were also various booths were anime merchandise and cycling gear were being sold. GSC also announced that the next event will be held this 6 September 2015

Source: Nikkomaple