Last Saturday, 30 May 2015, a huge magnitude 8.5 earthquake rocked Japan, but luckily, no deaths nor any major damage to infrastructure were reported. However, the same could not be said for some figure collectors and plastic model builders who seem to have come out as the victims of this quake.


The earthquake was felt from as north as Hokkaido to as South as Okinawa, but one certain Tallgeese II belonging to twitter user @ oryomo060730 did not seem to be fazed by it, even as some of its fellow GunPla and other figures fell down. Now that’s pretty badass for a GunPla


Love Live!’s Nico Yazawa and Maki Nishikino have always been shipped to each other, and the earthquake seems to have made many of their yuri shippers very happy as posted by twitter user, @ hb_phase2:


Meanwhile, @ Sow_LIBRA11 has shown the pain of what it’s like being a collector in Earthquake-prone Japan:


Looks like the earthquake was strong enough to even open the doors of some display cabinets as shown by @ Seruban72:


Though some collections weren’t as affected with only one or two figures falling down from the quake. Now, let’s play spot the figure which fell down:

from @ Akybo47


from nap_ex


from @ Rezibukuro2212


from RyuKi_SCRYD


One collector was really determined to protect his collection, and held on to his cabinet during the earthquake as posted by @ Seruban72


Well, look at the bright side, at least it wasn’t as devastating as the tragic 2011 tsunami, which caused this massive damage to one particular collection. The image, which became viral in 2011, became popular once again because of last Saturday’s quake


source: Yaraon!