To celebrate Steins; Gate’s 5th anniversary, a sequel visual novel and anime clearly won’t be enough. The series will also be teaming up with Japanese apartment rental company, Asahi Living, to present some life-size apartment models inspired by the series’ Future Gadgets Laboratory.


A model apartment will be displayed in the Steins; Gate holy land of Akihabara, where the series took place. A life-size model of main character, Rintarou Okabe, will also be included in the display as part of the models. There will also be another Steins; Gate apartment model which will go on display in Kobe.


The Akihabara and Kobe displays will be held at the very same time, from 1 – 31 August 2015, and will be open during weekends and holidays. The Akihabara model will be on display at Room 7-13 201, while the Kobe display can be found over at the Kobe Anime Street.

Just a question, will the displays’ microwave oven also have the ability to turn back time as well? And will a certain scientific institution also go after you? Jokes aside, expect that fans of the series are truly looking forward to this one!

source: 4Gamer