Sometimes, we want our rooms to have that certain anime feel just to express our own respective fandoms. Turner Colour Works, a paint company, has recently teamed up with the classic mecha anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion, to do exactly that and give Eva fans a room which has the same color as Rei Ayanami’s hair.


Rei’s iconic blue hair often reflects her calm and cool nature, and this new collaboration paint color describes just that. It is a combination of two of their blue shades, Water Blue and Frosty Blue, and perfectly describes Rei Ayanami with “Colder than water, yet warmer than ice.”


Each 500mL can of this Ayanami Blue paint costs 2,160 yen and can paint up to a three square meter area, so if you are planning on a Rei-themed room, you might need more than one can.


Turner Colour is also offering Rei Ayanami-themed acryl gouache paints, which come in three types, namely the Ayanami Blue, the Ayanami Blue (Pearl), and the Ayanami Blue (Gel Medium). These gauche paints are great for painters who want to capture Rei’s cool essence into a canvas.

img_gouache img_main03

Since we are already in 2015, the year when the events of Neon Genesis Evangelion actually happened, as well as being the the year when the series itself celebrates its 20th anniversary, expect more Eva goodies to be announced soon.

Source: Turner Colour Works official