Ikebukuro and its world-famous Otome Road has always been one of Tokyo’s anime epicenter to fans, especially even more so after cult-favourite Durarara!! became massively popular. To commemorate the latest season of the anime, it is more than fitting to have the home of Durarara!!, Ikebukuro to have its own special Durarara!! vending machines peddling Durarara!! X2 flavored water.


As the bottles exclaim, these special edition beverage bottles will be available exclusively in “Ikebukuro ONLY”. Each bottle costs 160 yen, with eight different designs for fans to choose from. The concept of these drinks promises that “if you walk around Ikebukuro, you will meet these guys”, characters from the series.

The vending machines will also sport a Durarara!! look in two different designs, one with the motley crew of Kadota (Dotachin), Togusa, Erika, and Walker on the front surface, and another featuring Ikebukuro’s strongest, Shizuo. They probably decided not to put Izaya in the vending machines’ design for fear Shizuo might throw it at somebody…

re_shizuo re_yuma

Nevertheless, it might be best to keep these vending machines away from Shizuo’s reach, huh? If you hear “Izayaaaaa-kuuuuuuuuuuuun” anywhere near these vending machines, it may be best to run as quickly and as far away as possible.


Jokes aside, these Durarara!! vending machines will only be at two locations within Ikebukuro. The Shizuo vending machine can be found over at Sun Joule at East Ikebukuro 5-13-7 while the other design can be found over at the Lashinbang bookstore at East Ikebukuro 3-2-3. Hunt them down!

source: Dengeki Hobby