The official One Piece website has been updated, and it has left some fans stumped as it features the silhouettes of the popular shounen anime’s characters, along with a mysterious countdown timer.


Each character silhouette features the date, 3 August, which will be when the websites countdown timer reaches zero. Each silhouette also features the phrase, “Sai shuuketsu seyo!” (“再集結せよ”), which means that there might be a big shake-up of sorts in the world of One Piece as the phrase suggests that there will be a new rallying of members of sorts for the Straw Hat Pirates, who are featured in the silhouettes.

Though still not official, there are a few speculations to what this will be about, with some saying that there will be a new member for Luffy’s lovable crew, while others speculate that one might be leaving the group as the countdown timer only shows eight silhouettes, but there are nine crew members.

So whatever could this announcement be? I guess we will only find out this 3 August when the timer reaches zero.