Death Note is undoubtedly one of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine’s greatest hit series, so when news of a live action TV drama adaptation was made, fans were divided. Some were excited to see it while others were scared if it might “ruin” the franchise.

Death Note LA

However, it was announced that this new Death Note will have a different story, and the characters we all know and love will be a bit different as well. And as the drama premiered back in 5 July, fans were shocked at some of the changes, with the most shocking one being the fact that instead of being the bold and uber-confident genius who calls himself the “god of the new world”, Light Yagami (played by Masataka Kubota) was reduced to being a mild-mannered “idol otaku” who is also a college student. This new Light is a huge fan of one certain idol group, Ichigo Berry, and even works part-time in a pub. Yeah, that really does not sound like Light at all.


But the differences do not seem to stop with Light because his rival L ( played by Kento Yamazaki), who is calm, cool, and collected despite having a few character quirks, had become arrogant and not as endearing as his anime/manga counterpart. He is also considered as borderline narcissistic which is very much unlike his original character.

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Sayu (played by Reiko Fujiwara), Light’s sister, who is intelligent just like her brother in the original was shown to be respectful and kind. However in the drama, she comes across as a whiny and spoiled brat.

Some fans have also found the new drama to be a bit rushed and had a feel that is truly different from the brooding and thrilling original. So what do you guys think of the Death Note drama so far?

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