Participants for the new Attack on Titan Real Escape Game in Tokyo and Osaka, titled “Escape from the Besieged Amusement Park”, will be in for a really difficult time with the new Real Escape Game. They will be trying to “escape” some hungry titans, and new details on these new games have been announced, including the appearances of 4 meter-class titans around the venues.

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Now those are pretty scary! A titan hand reaching down will also go on display along with that smiling titan which ate Eren’s mom.

These titans will be appearing in Tokyo Dome City, which will be where the Attack on Titan Real Escape Game’s Tokyo leg will be held from 18 July until 23 September. At the same time, Osaka’s Hirakata Park will also host its own Attack on Titan Real Escape Game from 24 July until 6 September. Here is the TV ad for the events:

Last year, the Real Escape Game was titled “Escape from the Walled City”, and this time it is titled “Escape from the Besieged Amusement Park” (巨人に包囲された遊園地からの脱出, Kyojin ni houi sa reta yuuenchi kara no dasshutsu). Participants will play as members of the Survey Corps, However, the titans have surrounded the amusement park, and now the survey corps members must use their wits to find a way to escape.

source: Comic Natalie