It’s the collaboration many fans have been asking for, and during the first day of Animelo Summer Live 2015 (AniSama 2015), it actually happened, as the 765 Pro All-stars of The [email protected] and the μ’s of Love Live! surprised everyone with an unexpected collaboration performance at the Saitama Super Arena!


The two mega idol groups thrilled everyone by performing the songs, Wonderful Rush, ~Kiramekira~, No brand girls, and Go My Way!!, and it immediately sent the fans of both series abuzz with excitement. The official Love Live! staff twitter page also tweeted this image of the two groups at the Saitama Super Arena.


And the fans weren’t just happy, they were ecstatic. Both fandoms for The [email protected] and Love Live! (called Love Livers) have gotten into an intense rivalry over which of the animated idol group is really the best. However during AniSama day one, that rivalry was put aside as both the 765 Pro All-stars and the μ’s entered the stage and performed together. These two fans, one Haruka ([email protected]) and one Honoka (Love Live!) got the right idea! Let there be peace in the idol anime world I say!


The collaboration performance also made fans want more, with some asking for a collaboration anime between the two, as well as even more collaboration performances between the two franchises.

However, both series are more related than one might think. The original [email protected] video game is developed by Namco, now Bandai Namco, which also owns the franchise. Love Live!, which gained a lot of its popularity thanks to the anime adaptation, was animated by Sunrise, which of course is known for all the Gundam anime, and is also owned by the Bandai Namco group.


So, Love Live! or [email protected]?


source: Yaraon!