As a hobby and an art form, cosplay is ever evolving, with crafters trying to find new ways to challenge themselves in making their costumes as great as possible. One such cosplayer proves that by cosplaying something that few have ever tried to cosplay – a building.


Inspired by Studio Ghibli’s classic anime movie, Howl’s Moving Castle, costume crafter, Elentari-Liv, spent one-and-a-half years trying to finish this costume, and now, this cosplayer is proud to present such a gorgeous piece of work, which she did in fine detail.

castle-4 castle-5

At night, the castle even lights up some of its “rooms” with LEDs, which makes it even more stunning!

castle-1 castle-2 castle-3

Made of “mostly chicken wire, craft foam sheets, PEX tubing, and lots and lots of paint,” this moving castle stands more than two meters, or 6.6 feet in height. It even has a nice smoke effect to complete this amazing costume.

castle-7 castle-8 castle-9 castle-10

Now that’s a moving castle! You can check out more images of this fine cosplay through her official deviantart page,

source: Rocket News 24