One Piece is celebrating its 18th anniversary, and the combined issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine (issue 37 – 38) will be having a special feature on Eiichirou Oda’s worldwide bestselling shounen manga.

The issue will feature a very special cosplay by idol Kanna Hashimoto, who is the “angelic” center of the Fukuoka-based idol group, Rev. from DVL. Kanna-chan will be seen cosplaying as One Piece’s lovable main character, Monkey D. Luffy, and she even has a Tony Tony Chopper plushie to complete her cosplay.


Those unfamiliar with her idol group, Rev. from DVL, may remember Kanna Hashimoto from the live-action Assassination Classroom movie, where she played the virtual assassin/ student, RITSU.


She also appeared in the live-action TV ad for Girlfriend Beta

The issue’s special will also include an interview with Generations from EXILE Tribe, who are performing One Piece’s latest OP song, “Hard Knock Days.” It will also feature guest comments from Luffy’s seiyuu, Mayumi Tanaka, Chibi Maruko-chan mangaka, Momoko Sakura, and several notable celebrity One Piece fans like model Shiori Satou.


So to Eiichiro Oda-sensei, we would like to congratulate you for reaching 18 years of serialization!

source: Comic Natalie