They are cute, yellow and they sure can dance! And now they are baaaaaaaaaaaaack!


After only taking over Sakuragichou Station and Yokohama and HAVING various Celebrities, from Shoko Nakagawa to World Order Dance the Pikachu Dance, they have finally Descended upon Yokohama as an army of these electric Pokemon marched through the Streets of the City again.


These Pikachus are literally everywhere in Yokohama, including their famed Red Brick Warehouse where a gigantic inflated Pikachu can be found.


The Pikachu Outbreak event features plenty of events, which include stage shows where some “Pikachu Dance Groups” are performing various versions of the Pikachu Dance. These dance groups include a Hula group, a Stomp group, and many others.


And just like Last year, social Media exploded with Images, GIFs, and Videos of the Pikachu March as well as the Pikachu Dance. With its twitter hashtag # Pikachu outbreak Chu , several onlookers were able to show the rest of the world what happens when Pikachus take over a city, and it may just be the cutest thing possible, as a variety of Pikachus, from a Ditto impostor to a raincoat Pikachu to Pikachus in sunglasses.

The Pikachu Outbreak event is currently being held until 18 August 2015, and will take place in various areas around the city of Yokohama, with various Pokemon-related activities, including those dancing Pikachus which went viral last year.