Akihabara’s Animax Café is celebrating the airing of one of the most popular anime titles this season, Working!!!, which is now enjoying its third hilarious season of family restaurant hi-jinks. The Animax Café is teaming up with the series and has created a special menu based on some of Wagnaria’s wacky staff.


The special Working!!! Collaboration menu includes the “Daisy Curry”, inspired by Aoi Yamada’s teddy bear, the “Popura green pepper Neapolitan”, and “Yamada’s luxurious dinner.” The drinks menu meanwhile includes Mahiru Inami’s mango and lemon drink, and Kyouko Shirafuji’s “violet and white water.”


They will also be giving away special Working!!! coasters, which will be given away to those who order from the collaboration menu. The first batch of coasters will feature Wagnaria’s restaurant front and kitchen staff while the second batch’s coasters are yet to be revealed.

The Animax Café in Akihabara is already serving the special collaboration menu, however, they will only be serving it for a limited time, which will only be until 5 October 2015.

Source: animeanime