The Shounen Jump! sports anime, Haikyuu!!, has undoubtedly inspired many to take up the game of volleyball, and Japanese ball-makers, Mikasa, is giving these fans-turned-spikers a special treat by releasing the official Haikyu!! volleyball!


Mikasa is offering these official balls for 7,560 yen (tax included) and are now available via their official online shop. They come in four different designs, and each one features one of the school teams featured in the anime. They include Karasuno (seen in the image above), Aoba Jousai, Nekoma, and Date Industrial High School.

b_aoba b_date b_nekoma

For those fans who aren’t as active and are more of a viewer than a player, Mikasa is also offering special Haikyuu!! mousepads worth 1,944 yen each.

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They are also offering sets of three character straps worth 1,944 yen for each set as well as jersey straps worth 972 yen. The mini-jersey straps meanwhile feature the ones worn by several characters in the anime, and they come in two different sets, Karasuno High, and the Rival Schools Set. Each set costs 1,296 yen.

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Finally, you can bring your ball to the court with Mikasa’s Haikyuu!! tote bags, each one bearing the team colors of the anime’s four competing schools, Karasuno, Aoba Jousai, Nekoma, and Date Industrial High School.