Anyone who is familiar with the horror-adventure game, Corpse Party, will be familiar with the series’ affinity with blood and violence. Now fans will be able to experience more bloody action, as the live-action Corpse Party movie has announced that an uncut version, called the “Unlimited Edition”, will be shown in cinemas in Japan. Here is the new trailer for that “Unlimited Edition”:

This new version promises to show several scenes which were deemed too explicit or too violent for the regular release, and therefore were cut from the movie. This means that if you thought the original version of the movie was really violent and scary, we have some bad news for you…


The original version premiered last 1 August, while Corpse Party: Unlimited Edition will premiere in Japanese theaters on 19 September 2015.

The live action movie adaptation of 5pb.’s bestselling horror game stars NOGIZAKA46‘s Rina IkomaRyosuke Ikeoka, and Nozomi Maeda. At the helm of this project is horror veteran, Masafumi Yamada, who is responsible for directing various J-horror works like the Hontouni Atta Kowai Hanashi series and Tsuburo no Kara.

source: ANN